Interview with Dave Powell, Tokyo Street Photographer

How did you get into photography? I was looking for a hobby that would allow me to balance work and life. I have a very dynamic and busy schedule, which makes it difficult to have hobbies with starting times like Tuesday at 7PM, so I needed something that would be extremely flexible. Photography turned outContinue reading “Interview with Dave Powell, Tokyo Street Photographer”

Magnus Hansson, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Japan, for Eurobiz Magazine

Cars are one of the most beautiful things to photograph – they’re basically sculptures on wheels, and when the background and lighting are right, they look amazing. On the other hand, when the background and lighting aren’t quite right, cars can be incredibly tough to photograph. In this case, I carefully chose a backdrop thatContinue reading “Magnus Hansson, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Japan, for Eurobiz Magazine”

Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review

Note: This is more a set of impressions than a scientific review. You won’t find any specs or technical comparisons, but instead general observations and feelings about this product. Having owned three Alien Bees for nearly a decade, I finally decided to upgrade to a new flash system. The Alien Bees have served me wellContinue reading “Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review”

Kazuo Matsui, for In Touch Magazine

Athletes are always a joy to photograph. For one thing, I’m less drawn to how a person looks, and more to what they’ve accomplished. Athletes are the epitome of this kind of person: through endless training and devotion, mixed with talent and a dash of luck, they’ve made themselves into something special. Also, the clothes.Continue reading “Kazuo Matsui, for In Touch Magazine”