YouTube Video Creator Portraits

I was asked by YouTube to photograph young video creators for their profile pictures and promotional materials. It was an intense shoot, lasting two days, with over two dozen people being photographed in total. The location was the YouTube offices in Tokyo, where they have a giant production facility. As a photographer, this was a dream location to shoot in, although I had to adapt the space, normally used for video, for photography. The people were an incredible mix – experts on martial arts and makeup, musicians, comedians and more. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos, as well as some of the final photos created for the project.

_MG_0252 _MG_6372 _MG_0851 _MG_1055 _MG_0965 _MG_0513 _MG_1218 _MG_6002 _MG_6858               _MG_6867 _MG_7455 _MG_7733-2

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