Is Leica the Right Camera for You?

Leica is to photographers what the Stradivarius is to violinists: not only the ‘best’ tool from a technical perspective, but also the one with the most ‘spirit’ – the one that represents photography and what it means to be a photographer, just as a Stradivarius represents the essence of being a violinist. Using a Leica,Continue reading “Is Leica the Right Camera for You?”

Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review

Note: This is more a set of impressions than a scientific review. You won’t find any specs or technical comparisons, but instead general observations and feelings about this product. Having owned three Alien Bees for nearly a decade, I finally decided to upgrade to a new flash system. The Alien Bees have served me wellContinue reading “Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review”