Is Leica the Right Camera for You?

Leica is to photographers what the Stradivarius is to violinists: not only the ‘best’ tool from a technical perspective, but also the one with the most ‘spirit’ – the one that represents photography and what it means to be a photographer, just as a Stradivarius represents the essence of being a violinist. Using a Leica,Continue reading “Is Leica the Right Camera for You?”

Tutu Giang Fashion Shoot

Tutu is a talented new fashion designer from Switzerland, of both Chinese and Vietnamese descent. For this shoot, she wanted to showcase her new designs in Tokyo. It was essential to emphasize the environment and contrast the grey tones of Tokyo with the vivid colors of her dresses. The model needed to be a classicContinue reading “Tutu Giang Fashion Shoot”

Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review

Note: This is more a set of impressions than a scientific review. You won’t find any specs or technical comparisons, but instead general observations and feelings about this product. Having owned three Alien Bees for nearly a decade, I finally decided to upgrade to a new flash system. The Alien Bees have served me wellContinue reading “Einstein E640 Flash from Paul C. Buff: A Review”