Independence Day in Tokyo

For the 4th of July, the Tokyo American Club decided to feature some of its organizers, using the American flag as a backdrop. For these portraits, an enormous flag was suspended first in a giant dining room of the American Club, and then in a badminton court! I found that, by back-lighting the flag, IContinue reading “Independence Day in Tokyo”

Kazuo Matsui, for In Touch Magazine

Athletes are always a joy to photograph. For one thing, I’m less drawn to how a person looks, and more to what they’ve accomplished. Athletes are the epitome of this kind of person: through endless training and devotion, mixed with talent and a dash of luck, they’ve made themselves into something special. Also, the clothes.Continue reading “Kazuo Matsui, for In Touch Magazine”

Three Japanese Legends

One of the exciting things about being a photographer is meeting great people. Fascinating, interesting, accomplished, inspiring people. And sometimes there occurs an even more rare situation – photographing not one, but several great people. This shoot, done for In Touch magazine, was of three Japanese legends: Junko Koshino, fashion designer; Norika Fujiwara, model andContinue reading “Three Japanese Legends”